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Ministry Insights

Hear insights, perspectives, and analyses about spiritual warfare by those actively engaged in Christian ministries.

If you are a Christian seeking deeper information about spiritual warfare, you have come to the right place. Download a free digital copy of Angels and the Heavenly Hosts, a theological analysis by Teresa Yanaros.


Who We Are

We are Christians on a mission to minister to those in bondage and seek to educate and inform so more souls can get grounded in the body of Christ. This is a forum where you can gain access to teachings and resources about deliverance ministry from those who are working in the field.

Meet The Ministers


Teresa Yanaros

  • YouTube
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Case Manager, OSMA (Deliverance Ministry)

Director of Education, Society of St. Michael


The Venerable Lee Stafki

  • Facebook

Canon Exorcist, OSMA and JAFC

Prelate, Society of St. Michael

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