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Hi, I'm Teresa Yanaros.
I share insights about spiritual warfare with Christians.

I have a two-part mission:

(1) to help Christians who have left the occult rid themselves of occult/new age influences, leading them from mentally confused, emotionally dim, and spiritually oppressed to theologically grounded and actively engaged in their relationship with God so they can confidently share the light of Christ with the world. (I run an ​academy based on a liberation system I built that WORKS.)

(2) to help Christian leaders increase awareness about the new age/occult side of spiritual warfare. These are things they are not teaching in seminary, but the normalization of occult practices in society is all around us. I have developed useful strategies and frameworks to provide Christians with how to understand and teach these topics. Christians (both clergy and lay people) can be prepared to minister to people around them who are confused about the occult and can provide an account with solid biblical backing to stand firm against the occult infiltration of the churches. I am passionate about serving as a bridge to help Christians fulfill that opportunity. I also look forward to my vision of developing an incubator of passionate Christians who are learning what I have to teach and also sharing their insights on how to operationalize these tactics to spiritually multiply and equip the saints. This is a collaborative process that I look forward to continuing to expand, in part, through this website Spirit Sanctified.

***Blending the occult with Christianity is running rampant and the need for good education is paramount in combatting misinformation!***


If you like my mission, please consider contributing a monthly pledge.

I work directly with people getting freed of occult bondage, to coach them from confusion to clarity and firmly establish themselves in their identity in Christ. I put a ton of time and effort into this academy and the equipping of Christians around this goal. My vision is to harness what the Lord is showing me through my ministry to those getting freed of occult bondage, and continue to pour these insights, tips, and strategies into devout Christians who can equip themselves and then turn around to help others in their congregations remain free of occult traps. Your financial pledge is appreciated from the bottom of my heart. Countless unpaid hours toward ministry and the production of solid free content go into this for me. I would LOVE to be able to do this full-time and might be able to achieve this vision with your participation.


If you are a Christian who left the new age, apply to join my CLARITY ACCELERATOR ACADEMY. I have taken the entire process from start to finish of getting oriented after leaving the new age, grounding into theology and spiritual warfare, deprogramming new age lies, renouncing Satan's influence, remaining delivered, and establishing a firm context for Christian living and spiritual formation, bible study, how to pray, how to share the gospel, how to build your testimony, how to share your testimony, and put it ALL into this academy. IT WORKS. People's lives are being transformed by this framework, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Jesus, for deliverance!

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