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The "Gig is Up" Moment: Leaving the New Age

Leaving the new age to follow Jesus is a process. A long one. An arduous one. It involves the Holy Spirit moving, many decisions, and the entire shucking off of an occult worldview and the creation of a Christian worldview.

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New Age to Christ

Going "New Age to Christ" is a long process with many twists and turns, enemy attacks, and a TON of sanctifying grace from the Lord. After going through my own deliverance process and traversing this journey alone for years, I know how isolating and intense this process is. I have now made it my mission to help others who are in the new age fog to get freed and tether fully to Jesus.

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What Does the Deliverance Process Look Like for Ex-Newagers?

You might be wondering:

  • how to contextualize what you've been through

  • where exactly you are in the process

  • what to do next.

Here is a roadmap that I made that shows you exactly what this roadmap looks like. It is broken down into two phases of a deliverance roadmap.

Deliverance Roadmap:

  1. Into Occult Bondage

  2. Into the Kingdom of God

Into Occult Bondage:

Into the Kingdom of God:

What is an Occult Worldview?

You've likely just seen a bunch of words and phrases that you don't know. That's okay. Make sure that you subscribe to this blog to keep learning the ins and outs of this process.

This is (in part) what I teach about in the Academy I run that helps people get freed of occult bondage.

Let's define some terms.

The Occult: a belief system centered upon revealing hidden knowledge and harnessing hidden power through mental and physical ritualistic practices fueled by Satanic signs and wonders.

DISCLAIMER: Don't be deceived. Most occultists wouldn't actually call themselves that. Today, some of the tell-tale signs include espousing "spiritual but not religious," new age spirituality, and witchcraft. These things have not only been normalized in our society but these practices, unfortunately, are even becoming quite common among those who claim to be "Christian." Staff writer Amanda has a fantastic testimony. She is an ex-occultist who thought she was Christian for decades as she engaged in what I call "The Blend." Click here to watch Amanda's powerful testimony. Next, watch my video on "How the Occult Traps Christians."

Worldview: the lens through which you perceive reality. Built upon a worldview are a person's values, beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes, which fuel their emotions, actions, practices, and behaviors, which lead to their habits.

Occult Worldview: A worldview lens that is based on distortions about who the person is, who God is, and what a person's purpose is in the world. The lens is self-centered, and narcissistic, and fuels the lie that the person is God. In essence, this worldview is exactly what Satan wants for a soul, because it draws them away from God, keeps the soul out of the kingdom, and leads to eternal death. The core of this world is the attempt to seek the salvation of the person's soul through one's own actions and the achievement of self-serving goals. The core sin of this worldview is pride. The core theme of this worldview is idolatry. There is MUCH more to this but this is the foundational core of it that you'll need under your belt to grasp the rest of the article.

In this article, we focus on just one particular step of the "Occult to the Kingdom" process: the "gig is up" moment.

The "Gig is Up."

After a person has gone all the way down the rabbit hole of the occult, they are functioning inside an occult worldview.

Suddenly, an event occurs that destabilizes the occult worldview.

The "gig is up" moment occurs when a person suddenly begins to question the integrity of their worldview. This can come in many forms. Here are some things they might start to question.

  • the efficacy or validity of their practices and habits

  • the integrity of their actions

  • the truth of their beliefs and thoughts

  • the value of what they hold to be important

  • the validity of their view of God's character

  • the reality of their perception

Sometimes the gig is up moment comes through the words of a friend, a well-placed phrase in a media production, or perhaps a bible verse is spoken to them while their heart is in a softened state.

Either way, the gig us up moment rocks the person. It makes them stop and wonder if they are on the right path.

Implications of the Gig is Up Moment

Here's the thing though. Just because an occultist has a gig is up moment, this does not mean that they actually turn to Christ. Each of us has free will. We can choose where to turn. Some have a gig is up moment but never actually choose Christ.

When it comes to those who actually DO find Christ, there is often a lag time. After the gig is up moment, depending on the person's upbringing, foundations, environment, social group, and habits, they might turn to something else than Christ at first. Anyone who has gone "New Age to Jesus" eventually surrendered their lives to Christ. However, I hear a wide range of stories about what happens between the gig is up moment and them laying down their life at the foot of the Cross.

Often, people will seek to find the truth elsewhere other than Christ at first. They will turn to the world, or these days, it is common to turn to find the truth within conspiracy media. I call this period of time "The In-Between."

For some people, it takes more than one gig is up moment before they choose Christ. For others, just one radical epiphany.

At some point, the person discovers, by the Grace of God, and the leading of the Holy Spirit, that the truth is in Jesus Christ alone. This marks just the very beginning of the journey for the soul: finding salvation in Christ.

The Work of the Holy Spirit

Our testimonies of salvation through Christ come to fruition because of the work of the Holy Spirit in each of us. The undergirding reality of this entire conversation is this: Jesus Christ came to save sinners, and give us his Holy Spirit as a down payment for what is to come. We are to inherit the Kingdom of God. And as we move to share their truth with the world, it is accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit working in us.

This is he who came by water and blood—Jesus Christ; not by the water only but by the water and the blood. And the Spirit is the one who testifies because the Spirit is the truth.
And this is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.
Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.

Standby for Testimonies of "Gig is Up" Moments

Here at Spirit Sanctified, we boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through our testimonies. We have all been radically transformed by Jesus, and part of how we serve him is by sharing our stories to help others in darkness. We hope to shine the light of Christ into a world of decay so that all might come to Jesus, to not perish but gain eternal life.

We are embarking on an article series that describes the power and working of the Holy Spirit to wrench us from the occult and lead us into eternal life through the most precious blood of Christ.

These next articles from the staff will go into profound "gig us up" moments within our testimonies. Our intention is to tease out that time, to demonstrate how strong a hold Satan has upon souls in the occult, and the power of the Living God to speak truth into lies, and bring light into darkness.

Our goal is to educate on the nuances of this process so that others might understand how convoluted and scary occult bondage is, the intricacies of the deliverance process, and the beauty of Christ's grace and mercy.

Thank you, Jesus, for saving our souls. Jesus, we trust in you.


About The Author

Teresa Yanaros, a degreed journalist with a passion for Jesus, has dedicated her life to investigating media, exposing occult lies, and driving home the truth of Christ. Earlier in her career, Teresa was a successful author who gave speeches and practical workshops across America, after publishing a book that investigated the phenomenon of modern American online spiritualism and attempted to reconcile her Roman Catholic roots with new-age practices. She then had a radical deliverance experience from the occult and now coaches Christians who left the new age to follow Jesus. With over 1M views on her YouTube channel, Teresa has impacted viewers across the world who seek to look deeper at spiritual warfare and how Satan deceives through occult traps in media. After going #newagetoJesus she attended seminary classes and continues to research, investigate, and share information about the new age deception, occult deliverance, spiritual warfare, and Christian theology.

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Teresa is the founder of Spirit Sanctified.

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