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A Prayer to Repent

The act of repentance is seen as a reflection of God's mercy and grace, which is freely offered to all who sincerely seek it.

Prayer to Repent

A Prayer to Repent

Heavenly Father,

Creator of all things, we humbly bow before Your infinite mercy and love. With contrite hearts, we come before Your presence seeking forgiveness for the transgressions we have committed against Your divine will.

In our moments of weakness, we have strayed from the path of righteousness, and for this, we beg Your mercy and grace.

Lord Jesus Christ,

Our Savior, who bore the weight of our sins upon the cross, we implore Your intercession on our behalf. You, who taught us the way of repentance and forgiveness, grant us the strength to turn away from our sinful ways and to follow Your righteous path.

Wash us clean with Your precious blood and fill our hearts with the fire of Your love, that we may walk in Your light, free from the chains of our past wrongdoings.

Holy Spirit,

The Comforter and Guide, descend upon us with Your healing and renewing power. Illuminate our souls and minds, that we may discern the path of righteousness and avoid the pitfalls of sin.

Grant us the wisdom to recognize our faults and the courage to seek reconciliation with those we have wronged. May our repentance be sincere and our resolve unwavering as we strive to live in accordance with Your holy will.



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