New Age to Christ
Real Stories

Hear from those whom the Lord has delivered from occult bondage and into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. 

If you are in occult bondage and you are looking to Jesus Christ for salvation, you aren't alone. Hear real stories from people who have been through the process of being delivered from the dominion of darkness and transferred into the Kingdom of God's beloved Son, Jesus Christ, in whom we have redemption which results in the forgiveness of sins. Download a free roadmap so you can learn exactly how to go from confusion to clarity in Christ so you can turn around and use your voice to build up the Kingdom of God.

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New Age to Christ Real Stories

Who We Are

We are an incubator of Christians who have left the occult behind and tethered our souls fully and wholly to Jesus Christ. We are on a mission to minister to those in bondage and seek to educate and inform so more souls can get grounded in the body of Christ and not feel alone. The Clarity Accelerator Academy is run by Christian coach, Teresa Yanaros, who takes each student through a 12-week program to dismantle strongholds, get theologically grounded, and anchor to Christ. When you join, you gain lifetime access to a community built upon the rock of Christ, that is passionate about building up the Kingdom of God. See if you qualify to enter by filling out the Clarity Accelerator Academy application.

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