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The Lord is My Shepherd, I am a Sheep

The Lord is my Shepherd.

Epiphany of the Day

As soon as I opened my eyes this morning my brain started racing a hundred miles an hour. Going through all the to-dos in various areas of my life, scrolling through all the open brain tabs that weren't closed last night or are still on hold for a few days. A feeling of overwhelm started to rise up.

I thought before I do anything I have to pray. But that felt like another to do so I struggled to even find words.

Then I finally surrendered and just cried out to God... the Holy Spirit hit me.

I am a Sheep

I am a sheep.

I need my shepherd in every single area of my life.

As a wife,

as a mother,

as a housekeeper,

as a sinner,

as a friend,

as an entrepreneur,

as an afflicted in need of deliverance.

In every single moment of life.

In moments of joy,

excitement and overwhelm,

confusion and anxiety.

Nothing that I do or how successfully I do it makes me not a sheep anymore.

I will always need my shepherd.

And if I am not successful in an area,

I need to stop and listen to my shepherd even more.

If I am very successful in another area,

I need to stop and thank my shepherd even more.

If I am confused in one area,

I may be a LOST sheep and seek my shepherd even more.

Closing Thoughts

What a great way to start my day.

What a great reminder that everything comes from God. What a great reminder that I am nothing without him. What a great reminder that He wants us to SURRENDER to Him.

Before I do anything, I surrender. Let him guide me. Let him shepherd me.

There is no area in my life he doesn't care about. Whether because I fail or I succeed. There is not one single thing God doesn't know about us. He loves his children, he cares for us.

Let him take care of you. Follow his lead.


About the Author

Noelle Kaiser, a Christian saved by Jesus out of occult bondage, shares stories of deliverance and salvation through Christ. Her mission as a Christian healthcare professional is to educate women deceived by new age deceptions about fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth. She is a German native and is married with two children.

Noelle was delivered out of occult bondage through the deliverance of her second son, Micah, after she called out to God to save her child from a complication during an unassisted home birth. Due to decades of occult engagement, Noelle strongly rejected any form of authority and had been completely deceived by pregnant and birth-related topics. Her state of mind while in occult bondage and the demons that were communicating with her led her to decide to have an unassisted home birth. After experiencing a supernatural encounter where the Lord delivered her son, Noelle experienced the grace and sovereignty of God.

As Noelle began to get freed of occult programming, Satan launched his next attack by luring her into an obsession with conspiracy media. She dove into deep conspiracy to find God, being deceived by the concept of "truth-seeking," but the Lord revealed that this was yet another system of bondage, that still did not hold the truth of God's character and plan.

She started to look into Roman Catholicism and exorcism related to occult bondage, discovered others that had gone “New Age to Christ,” and found the truth she had been looking for. She finally surrendered to God and to the ultimate authority over her life, Jesus Christ.

Noelle joined the Clarity Accelerator Academy in 2022 to help her turn actively toward Jesus Christ. As Noelle leaned into her deliverance process, she experienced demonic oppression, obsession, and vexation, yet she remains faithful as the Lord continues to reveal his faithfulness to her. She is a vigilant prayer warrior and continues to lean in full force to her complete deliverance. She is in the process of getting theologically grounded, dismantling occult strongholds, and renewing the mind. She is dedicated to daily prayer and Scripture study and sacramental worship with her local church community.

Her passion is now to help others to get freed from bondage to build up the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior.

INTERESTED IN THE ACADEMY? If you are a Christian who left the new age, apply to join the CLARITY ACCELERATOR ACADEMY. The Academy takes the entire process from start to finish of getting oriented after leaving the new age, grounding into theology and spiritual warfare, deprogramming new age lies, renouncing Satan's influence, remaining delivered, and establishing a firm context for Christian living and spiritual formation, bible study, how to pray, how to share the gospel, how to build your testimony, how to share your testimony, and put it ALL into this academy. IT WORKS. People's lives are being transformed by this framework, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Jesus, for deliverance!

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Noelle is a staff writer for "Real Stories" with Spirit Sanctified.

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