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What is a Sacramental?

What is a sacramental? Sacramentals are meant to draw the faithful closer to God, dispose them to receive grace, and help them live out their faith in practical ways.

What is a Sacramental?

What is a Sacramental?

A sacramental is a sacred object, action, or prayer that the Catholic Church uses to convey spiritual effects through the prayers of the Church.

Unlike the seven Sacraments (Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, and Matrimony), which were instituted by Christ and bestow grace ex opere operato (by the very fact of the action's being performed), sacramentals are instituted by the Church and work ex opere operantis (by the disposition of the one using them).

Here are some common examples of sacramentals:

1 - Holy Water

Water that has been blessed by a priest. It is used for various purposes, including making the Sign of the Cross, blessings, and as a reminder of Baptism.

2 - Blessed Salt

Salt that has been blessed by a priest. It is used in various blessings and exorcisms.

3 - Crucifixes and Medals

These are blessed religious items often worn or displayed to remind the faithful of their Christian faith and to invoke the intercession of saints.

4 - Rosaries

A string of prayer beads used to aid in the recitation of prayers, particularly the Rosary, a form of meditative prayer.

5 - Blessing of Homes

A priest may bless a home to invoke God's protection and grace upon the dwelling and its inhabitants.

6 - Candles

Blessed candles are often used in liturgical celebrations and personal devotions. They symbolize Christ, the Light of the world.

7 - Scapulars

Cloth patches with religious images, worn as a sign of devotion or commitment to a particular saint or religious order.

8 - Prayers and Blessings

Various prayers and blessings, such as blessings before meals, the blessing of a new car or home, and prayers for the sick or deceased.

9 - Exorcisms and Blessings for Objects

These are specific prayers used to free individuals or objects from negative spiritual influences and to invoke God's protection.

10 - Processions and Pilgrimages

These are ceremonial journeys, often to holy places or sites of religious significance, which involve prayer and devotion.

11 - Litanies

A form of prayer in which a series of prayers or petitions are recited, often invoking the intercession of saints.

12 - Religious Art and Images

Blessed statues, icons, and religious artwork serve as visual reminders of the Christian faith.

Closing Thoughts

Sacramentals are meant to draw the faithful closer to God, dispose them to receive grace, and help them live out their faith in practical ways.

While they are not essential for salvation, they can be powerful aids in the spiritual life.

The effectiveness of a sacramental is understood to come from the prayers of the Church, the faith and devotion of the user, and the Church's intercession with God.


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