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Conspiracy Deception Destroyed by Truth in Christ

In a period of nine months, the Holy Spirit broke down a huge wall of conspiracy media lies that was blocking me from seeing the Truth: Jesus Christ.

This article is part of a series on the "Gig is Up" Moment when leaving the New Age to follow Jesus Christ. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE GIG IS UP MOMENT. A "gig is up" moment is a trigger event that destabilizes an occultist's worldview, making them question their previously held values, beliefs, attitudes, and/or practices.

Loss of New Age Identity- leading me into fear, distrust, and turning to conspiracy

Following New Age accounts on Instagram was my hobby. I wasn’t active but had a small group of people I followed very closely that would consider themselves as a community. All of a sudden there were little arguments and break-ups within the community. Words like “false light," and “exposing the new age” were thrown around. They were claiming to have woken up to the circumstances behind how the new age was founded and that we were super deceived and following blindly an evil agenda. This was the first time I heard of Aleister Crowley, Satanists, and Luciferianism. I still didn’t understand what any of that meant until nine months later.

At that moment my world was shook

Of course I didn’t want to be part of something evil.

So far, I thought I was doing the right thing. I was convinced to have a higher calling to understand the "secrets of the universe." For the first time after at least 10 years of operating in an occult mindset, I questioned myself. I didn’t question all the practices yet, but I was questioning my ability to reflect on myself and “see clear”- because all this time I thought these were my strengths.

All these years I claimed to think outside of the box, now realizing I was in a huge box myself!

The social media wave of “waking up from the new age” continued. I followed whoever was part of it, unfollowed the “opposition”- still holding on to it. There were many split-ups within this smaller community as well and now looking back everybody was in a lost, devastated, and confused state. Some went back to the New Age, some of them disappeared and some also came to Jesus. The ones I was following were now trying to build their own spirituality, trying to rely on their own wisdom and intuition instead of any outside practices. I followed along but I was just so confused and always had that feeling

"Something is wrong."

My identity crumbled. I began to dissolve like a melting ice cube.

I started to throw out many occult items, it felt like I could not breathe around them. I felt like they were cursed but I didn’t know why. When I also threw out all of my journals, I questioned my “spiritual goals”, morals, and ethics that I chose to live off. Realizing none of them came out of my heart. I wrote down a new list of things that I wanted to embody. I told myself I want to reset myself, like a computer software- that was my way of trying to contextualize the process. The summary of that list was waking up to the fact that raising my vibration and always being in a state of gratitude and neutrality is bypassing the fact that there must be some sort of war between good and evil.

I was still in occult bondage, still holding on to practices that I didn’t even know were occult practices.

Entering the In-Between: Ups and downs in conspiracy land

One thing was clear to me, I did not want to go back to the new age. I did not want anything to do with the supernatural. The last five months had been too intense and my birth experience definitely did not go as planned. I never felt as lost and vulnerable as in this stage.

The work of the Holy Spirit already started. The demons that were still attached to me did not sleep either. Slowly I wanted to understand the war between good and evil.

“Good” was equal to "God" for me but definitely impersonalized and somewhere out there. Somehow, I knew “it” would be my only chance to survive.

“Evil” was the world and the agendas of sociopaths who worshiped the devil (without actually believing in the devil at that point).

This stage lasted about four months until around Christmas time. It included many ups and downs, diving deep into conspiracy, getting paranoid from it, and always bouncing back and forth into occult practices.

Demons gave their all to provide me with many signs and wonders and “feel good” moments after falling back, so I would start feeling comfortable again. They used my weaknesses in extraordinary ways.

Every time I bounced back, I stopped again and felt like I cannot continue, without knowing why.

It was like the Holy Spirit put up STOP-signs everywhere.

Final gig is up moment which made me choose Christ

The new age provides many self-centered explanations for suffering and death. In the past nine months, it was clear that if the new age was a scam, then there must be an explanation for the suffering on this planet.

I still wanted to find “the guilty one."

I was convinced that there are “evil agendas” going on in this world, which lead me to research the systems, organizations, and people- that I got told by conspiracy media were the current world rulers.

Sidenote: conspiracy is a distraction from the actual battle we are in. It’s another dead end and very destructive.

Important statement by Teresa while coaching me through dismantling occult anchors that were built through conspiracy media: “Some things might be true, but are worthless for our salvation."

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."
- Ephesians 6:12, NIV

Many times, the head leaders of this world were exposed as being involved in satanic rituals. I heard this over and over again.

But then one day I was watching a YouTube video, exposing the satanic and Luciferian agenda of one of the biggest secret organizations. But this time it was different. This person was claiming to be a former member, who left and became a Christian. He explained multiple times how Jesus Christ was his Savior

Satan is real, so is Jesus.

I was hit in the face with the gospel.

All this time I was seeking for Jesus? I could not believe it. Everything started to make sense. I finally knew Jesus was the only way and my only chance. Finally, I felt like I could breathe again. I was so lost, and devastated, and thought I would never feel joy or see “the Light” again. I thought I was always going to be trapped in this dark world without any meaning to life.

But in this moment, I knew from the bottom of my heart Jesus Christ is my Savior and he did save me already.

I did not share this with anybody. It was just me and Jesus and I wanted no one to take that away from me.

About a year after the first gig is up moment, I found Teresa’s YouTube Chanel and joined the Academy. And then another chapter of this beautiful journey started.

Forever grateful.


About the Author

Noelle Kaiser, a Christian saved by Jesus out of occult bondage, shares stories of deliverance and salvation through Christ. Her mission as a Christian healthcare professional is to educate women deceived by new age deceptions about fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth. She is a German native and is married with two children.

Noelle was delivered out of occult bondage through the deliverance of her second son, Micah, after she called out to God to save her child from a complication during an unassisted home birth. Due to decades of occult engagement, Noelle strongly rejected any form of authority and had been completely deceived by pregnant and birth-related topics. Her state of mind while in occult bondage and the demons that were communicating with her led her to decide to have an unassisted home birth. After experiencing a supernatural encounter where the Lord delivered her son, Noelle experienced the grace and sovereignty of God.

As Noelle began to get freed of occult programming, Satan launched his next attack by luring her into an obsession with conspiracy media. She dove into deep conspiracy to find God, being deceived by the concept of "truth-seeking," but the Lord revealed that this was yet another system of bondage, that still did not hold the truth of God's character and plan.

She started to look into Roman Catholicism and exorcism related to occult bondage, discovered others that had gone “New Age to Christ,” and found the truth she had been looking for. She finally surrendered to God and to the ultimate authority over her life, Jesus Christ.

Noelle joined the Clarity Accelerator Academy in 2022 to help her turn actively toward Jesus Christ. As Noelle leaned into her deliverance process, she experienced demonic oppression, obsession, and vexation, yet she remains faithful as the Lord continues to reveal his faithfulness to her. She is a vigilant prayer warrior and continues to lean in full force to her complete deliverance. She is in the process of getting theologically grounded, dismantling occult strongholds, and renewing the mind. She is dedicated to daily prayer and Scripture study and sacramental worship with her local church community.

Her passion is now to help others to get freed from bondage to build up the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior.

INTERESTED IN THE ACADEMY? If you are a Christian who left the new age, apply to join the CLARITY ACCELERATOR ACADEMY. The Academy takes the entire process from start to finish of getting oriented after leaving the new age, grounding into theology and spiritual warfare, deprogramming new age lies, renouncing Satan's influence, remaining delivered, and establishing a firm context for Christian living and spiritual formation, bible study, how to pray, how to share the gospel, how to build your testimony, how to share your testimony, and put it ALL into this academy. IT WORKS. People's lives are being transformed by this framework, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Jesus, for deliverance!

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Noelle is a staff writer for "Real Stories" with Spirit Sanctified.

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