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Let Me Tell You About a Powerhouse Woman Named Jamie

Jamie's perseverance and love for the Lord enabled her to continually surrender to Him throughout her deliverance process, even amidst nasty demonic attacks and lies from the enemy.

Let me tell you about a powerhouse woman named Jamie.

After 13 years in the occult, she had what we call in the academy a “gig is up moment.” She realized that the practices she was engaging in weren’t glorifying God. In fact, they were grieving him.

Her entire life came crashing down before her very eyes. You see, she was on the precipice of launching a new-age business, and had prayed for God to show her His will and path for her life. He answered. In the form of allowing the veil to be lifted off her eyes, to see the throes of idol worship that ensnares this world. The snare that was drawing her into the Lie and away from Him.

Enter Jamie into my life. She reached out to me online and we had a conversation on the phone. She was distraught and the demons had already begun to turn on her (as they often do when a person realizes they are fraternizing with the demonic). She joined the Spirit Sanctified “Clarity Accelerator Academy.” I came alongside her and started to help her to cut off pacts and reform her worldview. She burned her business to the ground. The demons were in a frenzy around her to try to drag her back into bondage. It was chaos. Many prayers were prayed.

Jamie leaned in. Fully. She not only surrendered her life to Christ, but she trust-fell completely and utterly. Her husband Spencer by her side, they looked around and everything had shifted. They were called to go deeper. To let go of the past, to reform it, and to radically give their lives fully to the call the Lord was placing on them for ministry. The next year of their lives looked like a war zone. Jamie’s dedication for deliverance, to get out of occult bondage, was powerful. Jamie leaned in prayerfully, navigating complex turns of her story. The Holy Spirit was raising up spiritual issues and she was leading her thoughts and purposes captive to Christ, one enemy attack after the next. Experienced local ministries stepped in to help.

I remember one evening, after a particularly nasty demonic manifestation in her room, I sat with her on the couch unpacking the experience. She began to share the demonic intrusive thoughts: lies. She would say what they were throwing at her. I would respond through the demonic to her with the truth of Scripture. I could see in her eyes the battle that was going on, and she surrendered to the truth, and the demonic was curtailed. Lie after lie, we sat there on the couch doing battle together, playing whack-a-mole with the demons that were trying desperately to hold her down away from her call, and away from her true identity in Christ. After a while, each lie had been covered in the Truth of Scripture, covered in the Blood of Christ. Jamie could breathe again. She had learned in real time how to apply the Word to the demonic. She was growing in her faith. She was growing in her understanding of how spiritual warfare works. She was seeing behind the curtain, of how the enemy tries to take out, distract, and destroy powerful warriors for Christ.

You see, the crux of the story is this. Jamie has a call on her life. And the enemy pulled her off that path for many years, dragging her into the occult, into pride and idolatry. But the Lord was faithful and delivered Jamie fully from the depths of bondage. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord. She was restored fully in Christ. Her gifts and talents the Lord gave her are being renewed, and magnified, for their original and right purpose. Not for occult purposes. Not for the enemy. But to win souls to Christ. To help others find healing and peace in Christ. You see, it is through the difficult storms that Jamie has traversed, as she learned how to TRUST amidst what seemed like endless death, to rely on the FAITHFULNESS of God, she has learned how to lock her eyes on the eternal light of Christ. Now she is using that experience to help others in pain, in confusion, those who are trapped in similar arenas of spiritual distortion and confusion that she once was. Her voice rises to the cause, to step into the battle arena, to point to Christ in all things.

Jamie, your ZEAL for the Lord inspires me every day.

Words cannot accurately describe how much I revel to see Christ’s light pouring out of you. Your passion for Jesus pours out of you in prayer, in your research projects, and in the ministry we do together. You persevered. You continued to give it all to God, even in the midst of things on this earth looking ever-bleak.

On top of your difficulties, my own life offered many challenges over this last year. And you were by my side, offering encouragement to me, helping me to lock on this mission and develop it into our solid vision for Spirit Sanctified. Helping me to develop this entire ministry into what it is today.

I could not have reached this point without your continued support, encouragement, and focused precision on the Holy Spirit leadings in our lives. I am so blessed that the open doors in my life have you walking through them with me. Having you by my side is of great comfort, and I just cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for us next. I love you, J! Thank you for your vulnerability, authenticity, and heart for Jesus.


About The Author

Teresa Yanaros, a degreed journalist with a passion for Jesus, has dedicated her life to investigating media, exposing occult lies, and driving home the truth of Christ. Earlier in her career, Teresa was a successful author who gave speeches and practical workshops across America, after publishing a book that investigated the phenomenon of modern American online spiritualism and attempted to reconcile her Roman Catholic roots with new-age practices. She then had a radical deliverance experience from the occult and now coaches Christians who left the new age to follow Jesus. With over 1M views on her YouTube channel, Teresa has impacted viewers across the world who seek to look deeper at spiritual warfare and how Satan deceives through occult traps in media. After going #newagetoJesus she attended seminary classes and continues to research, investigate, and share information about the new age deception, occult deliverance, spiritual warfare, and Christian theology.

She is at the helm of a Christian blog, Spirit Sanctified, which combats occult infiltration in society by illuminating the issue, advocating for the afflicted, and instigating change. She runs an academy to help people leaving the occult reform an occult worldview and build a Christian worldview, as they are going through their deliverance process. Teresa is the Director of Education for the Society of St Michael, a non-profit that advances the deliverance ministry through cultivating informed leadership, building effective teams, and providing spiritual intervention.

INTERESTED IN THE ACADEMY? If you are a Christian who left the new age, apply to join the CLARITY ACCELERATOR ACADEMY. The Academy takes the entire process from start to finish of getting oriented after leaving the new age, grounding into theology and spiritual warfare, deprogramming new age lies, renouncing Satan's influence, remaining delivered, and establishing a firm context for Christian living and spiritual formation, bible study, how to pray, how to share the gospel, how to build your testimony, how to share your testimony, and put it ALL into this academy. IT WORKS. People's lives are being transformed by this framework, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Jesus, for deliverance!

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Teresa is the founder of Spirit Sanctified.

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